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Oddly Enough

May 4, 2014

The Punishment Fit The Crime!

SACRAMENTO, May 2 (UPI) -- Three California teenagers were given an unlikely punishment after they were caught with a classic Flintstones car that they swiped from in front of World’s Best Comics in Sacramento.

As punishment, owner Dave Downey agreed to let the thieves dress up as Flintstones characters and work at his store on Free Comic Book Day this Saturday.

Then teens were going to be hit with theft charges for swiping the car when Downey suggested his idea. “They just nodded okay,” he told CBS Sacramento.

Downey suggested the creative punishment because Free Comic Book Day is usually the busiest day of the year at his store. He also wanted to help the young offenders avoid the “messiness” of the legal system.

“They’ll be out front in the street holding signs that say, ‘World Comic Book Day here at World’s Best Comics,’” Downey said. “They’ll be wearing Flinstone garb. Right they will. Fred and Wilma and Barney.”

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