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June 25, 2014

Russian Interior Ministry bans short skirts for female police officers

MOSCOW, June 26 (UPI) --The Russian Interior Ministry launched an effort to crackdown on uniform modifications, including the rising trend of short skirts on female Russian police officers.

Female officers have taken to raising the hemlines on their skirts and their male counterparts have started cutting their shirt sleeves off. They are also allegedly wearing civilian clothes and wrinkled items with their uniforms -- all of which fall under the new ban.

"When you meet people, the first thing you see is their clothing, and for a police officer fulfilling his duties, it is crucial to have a tidy and neat appearance. From time to time, we have seen instances of officers improperly wearing their uniforms. Heads [of departments] must pay more attention to the appearance of their subordinates," said Deputy Interior Minister Sergei Gerasimov in a decree obtained by Russian newspaper Izvestia.


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