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Oddly Enough

June 3, 2014

No one may wear a bee in their hat and other strange Kansas laws.

— Rabbits may not be shot from motorboats.

Pedestrians crossing the highways at night must wear tail lights.

No one may catch fish with his bare hands.

The state game rule prohibits the use of mules to hunt ducks.

If two trains meet on the same track, neither shall proceed until the other has passed.

Derby - It is illegal to urinate on the side of a building.

Derby - Hitting a vending machine that stole your money is illegal.

Derby - Persons may not “screech” their tires while driving.

Derby - Riding an animal down any road is against the law.

Dodge City - It is illegal to spit on a sidewalk.

Kansas City - saying the name "George Washington" without adding the phrase "blessed be his name," can land you with a fine of up to fifty cents.

Lawrence - All cars entering the city limits must first sound their horn to warn the horses of their arrival.

Lawrence - No one may wear a bee in their hat.

Natoma - it's illegal to throw knives at men wearing striped suites.


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Oddly Enough