The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

March 14, 2013

White Deer Elementary School completes reading challenge

The Daily Item

— WHITE DEER — On Feb. 6, the students at White Deer Elementary where given a reading challenge — if they read a total of 100,000 minutes by March 1, their principal Mr. Ellis would kiss a pig. It was down to the wire but they did it, by reading a total of 141,304 minutes. On March 1, with the pig declining the chance at travel, two goats arrived at White Deer for Mr. Ellis to pucker up to. With some reluctance, Mr. Ellis kept his word and kissed a goat, and the students loved it.

Top homeroom who read the most minutes were Dr. Mathinos’s with 25,794, and Mrs. Gresh’s with 6,775.

Top Reader’s for each grade: fifth grade, Nick Ivankin with 1,905 minutes; fourth grade, Cory Spielyk with 3,052 minutes; third grade, Alexis Beaver with 1,476 minutes; second grade, Ephraim Langdon with 914 minutes; first grade, Abbie Saber with 630 minutes, and kindergarten, Ashleigh Friend with 723 minutes.