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January 29, 2014

Out-muscling ’em all

City 4th-grader top gun in biceps contest

SUNBURY — Those fifth-grade boys didn’t believe 10-year-old Emma Bronowicz was the overwhelming choice as having the biggest biceps in a contest sponsored by The Daily Item.

“When I was on the school bus, I told (them) I won and they said I was lying,” said Emma, an Oaklyn Elementary School fourth-grader. “The next day I brought in a copy of the newspaper and showed them my picture and they said I had noodle arms and it was Photoshopped. So I took off my jacket and showed them.”

The boys backed up, then congratulated Emma on the victory and accompanying gift card.

The contest began two weeks ago on The Daily Blast, a webpage that can be accessed through The newspaper’s Facebook readers then viewed and voted on entrants.

Emma received 110 votes, 91 more than the second-place finisher. She also beat nine males.

Danielle Bronowicz, a Danville teacher, had second thoughts after she entered her daughter’s photo.

“... I submitted my daughter’s picture for the biceps contest, but now looking at her amongst all the beasty men, I’m a little nervous,” Danielle wrote to The Daily Blast moderator Amanda August, a staff photographer for The Daily Item.

“That picture can’t be somehow clicked on and linked back to my page can it? Was she the only child? If so, I’m now thinking I shouldn’t have done it ... Although it is pretty cute flexing with her ’pap’ tattoo.”

August responded: “Thanks for entering. No there is no way to click on the photo and be linked to your page. She was the only child that entered. But I think that it was pretty adorable! And she is also winning right now. If you want me to take her photo down, I can do that.”

August made the mother of three feel better.

“I’m OK now,” Danielle responded. “I asked a few of my friends if it was a bad mom move and they said no.”

And then Emma won.

“It really didn’t matter,” Emma said.

Emma, who has two younger sisters, Mya, 6, and Sarah, 5, was shocked to learn that more than 300 people visited The Daily Item’s Facebook page and “liked” her photo.

“She is strong,” Mya said. “She is very strong.”

The photo was taken when Danielle asked Emma to show the “pap” tattoo to her grandfather, Steve Knoebel, of Northumberland.

Emma said she wouldn’t be answering any questions from classmates today.

“I don’t think it’s a big deal,” she said.

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