The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA


February 7, 2014

Mental evaluation approved for Sunbury murder suspect

ALLENWOOD — SUNBURY — Murder suspect Elytte Barbour walked into Northumberland County Court on Thursday sporting a new “teardrop” tattoo under his right eye, and left after his attorney’s request to have him interviewed by a forensic psychiatrist for $10,000 was granted.

Barbour appeared before Judge Charles Saylor after Sunbury attorney Jim Best asked to have an expert evaluate the competency of his 22-year-old client.

City police accuse Barbour and his wife, Miranda Barbour, 19, of Selinsgrove, in the Nov. 11 murder of Troy LaFerrara, 42, of Port Trevorton.

Elytte Barbour, who is incarcerated at the Columbia County Prison, Bloomsburg, arrived at the courthouse around 2:15 p.m. Elytte Barbour then went directly to Saylor’s courtroom, where Best explained he had found Dr. Neil Blumberg, of Maryland, who is a 15-year forensic psychiatrist.

Blumberg has been an expert witness for the prosecution and defense in several murder trials, Best told Saylor.

Northumberland County will pay Blumberg’s asking price of $600 per hour, but not to exceed $10,000, Saylor said.

Best said he and attorney John Broda spoke with their client and that Elytte Barbour would cooperate fully with Blumberg.

Northumberland County District Attorney Tony Rosini and Assistant District Attorney Ann Targonski sat across from Elytte Barbour and, after listening to Best, didn’t have any objections to the testing.

Rosini asked that Blumberg’s report be given to the commonwealth no later than 30 days after the testing.

Thursday’s proceedings lasted fewer than 10 minutes.

Nothumberland County juvenile probation officer Noel Jones, who has more than 10 years of experience dealing with gangs and gang signs, said the tear drop tattoo can represent several things, but seeing that Elytte Barbour recently sported the new look after being incarcerated, those options are narrowed.

“If it is filled in, and he (Elytte Barbour) got it in prison, then it represents he killed someone,” Jones said.

“If it was just the outline, then it means the loss of a loved one.”

Elytte Barbour’s tattoo was filled in black ink.

As he left the courthouse, he said he has been sending letters, but for some reason believes they aren’t getting to the people of his choice.

Best said Elytte Barbour told him the same thing, including several letters addressed to Best.

“I am going to be looking into this,” Best said. “I’m not sure why his letters aren’t going out because he said he has sent my office letters but I have not received them.”

Miranda Barbour was to appear today for a pre-trial conference, but after Elytte Barbour’s hearing Thursday, Targonski and Paige Rosini, who is co-representing Miranda Barbour with chief public defender Ed Greco, asked Saylor to continue the scheduled proceedings.

Saylor granted the request.


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