Enjoy classic candies and buttered popcorn while viewing classic movies at the Campus Theatre, in Lewisburg, say Donna Padilla, director of outreach and fundraising, and Scotta Magnelli, executive director of the Campus Theatre.

You might have seen “Jaws” a dozen times on TV in the past few years, but when did you last see that great white cutting through the ocean on a larger-than-life movie screen? You’ll soon have a chance.

The Campus Theatre’s Classic Film Series will feature hit movies from yesteryear two Sundays a month through the end of September. All shows start at 1 p.m. Reduced admission is offered for Theatre members.

“I’m excited about ‘Jaws,’” said Donna Padilla, director of outreach and fundraising at the Campus Theatre. “How cool is it to see ‘Jaws’ on the big screen?”

Films must be at least 25 years old and universal favorites to be considered classic. Feel-good movies like “Forrest Gump” and “Rocky” certainly make the list, but so do some edgier films like “The Godfather.” The theatre will offer a variety of genres.

“We chose these titles for their different emotions,” said Scotta Magnelli, executive director of the Campus Theatre. “The feeling you have after seeing ‘Forrest Gump’ is not the same as when you see ‘Taxi Driver’ or ‘Midnight Cowboy.’”

Some of the titles might not be what typically spring to mind when thinking of classic movies. The theater chose some that were big hits but might have fallen off people’s radar over the years.

Magnelli pointed out how viewing a classic movie from the vantage point of a historic theater equipped with Dolby surround sound and a high-end digital screen adds a note of authenticity to the experience.

“It’s a beautiful, well-maintained theater that you feel good coming to,” she said. “We have phenomenal customer service.”

Jacqui Barone, rental director at Campus Theatre, laughingly noted that must-have movie theater atmosphere: “The smell of popcorn wafting through the air, with warm, real butter.”

Along with buttered popcorn, The Campus Theatre sells a variety of enduring movie candies like Raisinets, Caramel Creams and Junior Mints. Theatergoers can enjoy a truly classic movie experience with all the right accompaniments.

“It brings you back to that moment you first saw the movie and what made you love it the first time,” Padilla said.

For the full list of Classic Film Series movies, visit or call 570-577-3456.


Classic summer film series at Campus Theatre, Lewisburg, two Sundays a month at 1 p.m.

June 16 – “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?”

July 14 – “Jaws”

July 28 – “Taxi Driver”

Aug. 11 – “Forrest Gump”

Aug. 25 – “The Godfather”

Sept. 1 – “Midnight Cowboy”

Sept. 8 – “Rocky”

Sept. 15 – “Silence of the Lambs”

Sept. 29 – “Blazing Saddles”