Beyond the message of the Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble’s newest show, “The Children” features a special bond between longtime ensemble powerhouse performers, Laurie McCants, James Goode and Elizabeth Dowd.

“The characters in the play have a complex shared history and we don’t have to invent that — we’ve lived it,” said Dowd. 

Goode agreed.

“There are a lot of ghosts — mostly friendly — on stage with me, and I remember all the kitchens all over Bloomsburg where I’ve shared secrets and laughs,” he said. One of the most memorable parts of the show, according to Goode, has been “relying on the 40-plus years of friendship and collaboration with both Laurie and Elizabeth to create the history of Robin, Hazel and Rose.”

“The Children” tells the story of Hazel and Robin (Dowd and Goode), retired nuclear scientists, living a life of relative seclusion in the wake of a recent nuclear meltdown. Out of the blue, their old co-worker and friend Rose (McCants) shows up in their kitchen, and brings with her some shocking memories and tough questions. Old secrets are revealed, dormant rivalries flare up and sparks fly in this darkly funny drama that examines what kind of world we hope to leave for our children.

“It’s a call to action for boomers to correct mistakes made by our generation, and not blithely pass them on to our children to fix. While the play looks at energy and environment, it could apply to any of our society’s issues: Health, race and gender inequality, income disparity,” said Goode. “These are big global and national issues, but the play encourages local involvement: Fix your neighborhood and you fix the world. And it portrays this with humor and compassion … and dancing!”

The show starts this weekend, opening each night at 7:30 p.m. Thursdays through Saturdays with a matinee at 3 p.m. Sundays through Feb. 2. 

“This play is a gift to older actors — three remarkable roles for people in their 60’s reflecting that life experience and the transition to being seen and seeing oneself as ‘old,’” said Dowd. “It’s very funny and snarky and sexy and scary.”

Tickets are available at or by calling the BTE Box Office at 570-784-8181. “The Children” is also included with a  BTE monthly subscription.

The show is rated MA for mature themes, adult humor and explosive drama.

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