Brantley Herman works on a paint project.

MIFFLINBURG — A special event is scheduled for this Sunday to raise funds for 7-year-old Brantley Herman, of Kreamer, who is being treated for a brain tumor. Appropriately, activities will center around one of Brantley’s favorite things: art. The event is being hosted by Kailey Wagner, a family friend. Brantley’s Art Show will be held from 1 to 6 p.m. Sunday at Willow Stone Farm, 100 Cedar Run Lane, Mifflinburg.

“Ever since I’ve known Brantley, he’s been an artist,” Wagner said. “We painted rocks together with his sisters the first day I met them. He accidentally put his paintbrush in my tea instead of the water.” She said they still laugh about that to this day.

Brantley and his sisters, Nevaeh and Atty, will be overseeing their own station at the show, selling their art and offering visitors a hand at paint pouring. The event will also give Brantley a chance to sell his art, as well as help others make their own via paint pouring on a spin machine, creating tie-dye and other projects.

There is no fee to enter the art show. However, there is a fee to purchase the art and the canvas, depending on the size of the project(s).

“He loves drawing trucks or anything he enjoys,” Wagner said, adding, “He’s painted a few beaches and we’ve done some flowers as well. It honestly depends how he feels on a given day on what he wants to create.”

The event will feature other artists as well, including a metal weld artist, and Josh Flint, a comic artist, who will be coming to the event as Captain America. Kales Art will offer paint pouring and other projects and will be selling extra “Brantley Strong” tie-dye t-shirts.

Other vendors will include Denise Debo with soap and skincare and Emery Troyer will be selling pork platters for $15. The platters are first-come, first-served, or preorders can be made at

Attendees can also enter to win door prizes. Music will be provided live on location by 94KX, with Sam Tyler.

Brantley’s brain tumor was diagnosed this past March. According to Wagner, the family is in great need of financial help for medical bills, transportation costs for Brantley to receive treatment, and to help his parents get back on their feet. She said they were both off work for a while to help Brantley through his surgery and schooling. He is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

Brantley’s mom, Haley Herman, said the appreciation she has for all of the community support they have already received is “more than I could even put into words. Thank you so much to everyone.”

She added that the art show is a perfect way to celebrate Brantley. “Art has been his outlet,” she said. “When we are at chemo treatments he is always working on art projects. It’s a nice distraction for him.”

“He is super excited to sell his artwork and share his projects that he has been working on!”

Vendors are welcome for a $50 fee. Donations are always appreciated. More information is available at Brantley’s Art Show event Facebook page, by calling 570-765-0812, or by emailing

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