NORTHUMBERLAND — One of the Valley’s longtime musicians, Kenny Jenkins, is releasing his second CD in more than 20 years, producing it in his own Sunbury studio.

Jenkins will perform Friday, 6 to 9 p.m., at the Front Street Station’s outside patio along with Andy Seal and Todd Fogle, forming a trio called Kenny Jenkins and the Good Little Americans.

“He’s been playing here since the early 90s,” said Jay Seidel, owner of the Front Street Station. “He’s fun. He brings the crowd right into it, interacting with them. He plays a funk fusion type of music, a genre the likes of which a lot of people don’t do in this area.”

Jenkins’ new CD, “Black Lights and Lava Lamps,” will have the vibes of the 70s with today’s guitar solos, blending R&B and funk rock.

“It’s happy music, like Katy Perry, like pop music but with raging guitar solos,” Jenkins said. “It’s music where you listen to it, and you want to get out on the dance floor. Like KC and the Sunshine Band, but with Van Halen solos all over it.”

Jenkins recorded his CD in the studio above his Sunbury home. It is the first CD he’s created since his 1999 CD titled “Flick Trick,” which can still be found on Amazon, CD Baby, iTunes and Spotify.

“I’ve had my own studio for years,” he said. “I was one of the first ones in Philadelphia in the early 80s to have a studio in my home, and I’ve been doing it ever since.”

Over the years, he said, he’s made improvements to the studio, adding, “It’s high tech now. It’s just like the big boys.”

It’s tough to find anyone in the Susquehanna Valley who plays the funk rock genre mix that Jenkins plays. After taking so long to produce, his latest CD will be special for the type of music it holds and the length of time it took to become a reality. He plans on releasing it in August. He also hopes to create his own label, probably titled Jenkins’ Productions.

When Kenny Jenkins and the Good Little Americans perform on Friday at the Front Street Station, Jenkins will play guitar, with Seal on bass and Fogle on drums.

“Come and dance,” Jenkins said. “People say, you have a really good setlist. We play everything from Motown to pop to funk.”

“That’s his draw,” Seidel said. “He’s done funk bands since the early 90s.”

Also on Friday night at the Front Street Station will be a Sly Fox Brewery Tap Take Over, with representatives from the brewery handing out samples of their beer.

Patio Season will run at least through Labor Day, Seidel said, with live music every Friday and Saturday night.

“People can come out and enjoy the patio, have a couple cold drinks and some good food while enjoying the music,” he said. “We’ve got steaks, seafood, specials, appetizers — a full menu on the patio.”

Cindy O. Herman lives in Snyder County. Email comments to her at

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