Valley's summer flower season kicks off for Mother's Day

Barb Mordan, of Northumberland, browses through the flower selection inside the flower tent along Fourth Street in Sunbury.

Mother’s Day is yet another holiday that will be impacted by social distancing and quarantine. But even though it might look different this year, moms can still be honored and celebrated, and perhaps in even more meaningful ways as we make more intentional efforts to get creative and show her how much she’s loved.

For the younger children, the Lewisburg Children’s Museum recently made available an online Mother’s Day card activity on their Museum-at-Home page. They are also selling Mother’s Day DIY Flower Bouquet Activity Kits for $10 (orders must be submitted by 3 p.m. Friday), which is recommended for children ages 5 and older.

“We encourage children to use their creativity to show Mom — or grandma, aunt or other special lady — how much they are loved,” said Kahla DeSmit, managing director at the museum. “In some ways, gifts created during this time of stay-at-home and social distancing are even more special, because they require even more imagination and planning.”

“Anything made with love is a win!” she added.

And as always, flowers are still a great option to bless your mom with, and there are plenty of no-contact delivery and curbside pickup opportunities all around the Valley.

“It’s a good thing to send flowers and let your mom know that you care,” said Cathy Herrold, who along with her husband George owns Graci’s Flowers & Gifts in Selinsgrove. These could be anything from fresh-cut flowers to outdoor plants in containers they can use again and again, to hanging baskets that can be enjoyed all summer long. Go online to see their offerings and add gifts like chocolate, cards and balloons, she said.

Kathy Spangler, a sales associate at Country Farm & Home Gift and Garden Center in Mifflinburg, said they have a beautiful assortment of colorful in-season flowers, shrubbery, and even vegetables you might want to give your mom. “When you walk in our greenhouse, it just gives you a burst of happy,” Spangler said. “It’s all blooming, it’s beautiful.”

“Mothers always love a plant or hanging basket already made up,” Spangler said.

The gift shop boutique also offers an array of necklaces and clothing. All items in their inventory are available for delivery. The business’s facebook page offers plenty of glimpses into their offerings.


Dealing with distance

For those who happen to be quarantined away from their moms this Mother’s Day, Craig Heintzelman, owner of Ignite Events LLC, of Northumberland, suggests sending her a video of the grandkids or setting up a video chat that includes you and your siblings, and/or one in which you can play a game together. You could even have your mom’s favorite restaurant meal delivered to her, and then video chat with her over a nice dinner. “Dress up and make it an experience,” Heintzelman said.

Other ideas include a social-distanced picnic in a park, weather permitting, or shipping your mom’s favorite gifts to her in a basket.


Get dressed up

If you are a child who is quarantined with your mom, Heintzelman suggests making a nice meal or having her favorite restaurant meal delivered, and everyone dressing up — “to make it fancy,” he said.

Lori Hemphill, owner of The Perfect Plan, of Lancaster, said whatever you do, pampering Mom for the day is the goal, with her rules being: “No cleaning, no laundry, no cooking,” she said. “She should feel like queen for the day!”

Kids could even make her a crown or a “bejeweled mask”, she said.

Hemphill suggests starting the day with breakfast in bed, and making posters and signs to decorate. Be sure to bring her coffee, and show her how much you love her with homemade cards and a sidewalk chalk greeting.

Some moms might especially enjoy space and quiet time, Hemphill said, so let her shut the door and put on her favorite music, or “set a comfy chair and blanket in her garden, bring her binoculars to look at birds, and a journal to write in.”

Order her a special Mother’s Day meal from a restaurant, caterer or country club, or cook her a meal yourself – there are no excuses, Hemphill said, with YouTube, Pinterest and Google all at your fingertips. And don’t forget homemade cookies or other dessert, even it’s a favorite takeout.

Hemphill also suggests giving mom coupons for kids to serve her with spa day services or by doing chores.

“Mother’s Day should be fun and actually pretty easy this year,” Hemphill said. “Just make her feel special, appreciated, loved — and noticed!”


Do something personal

No matter what you do for your mom, make sure it’s something that is special to who she is and what she means to you.

“When thinking about your mother, ask yourself the question, ‘What makes her feel most loved? Do certain kinds of gifts matter to her?” said David Daku, of Christian Counseling Services of Central Pa. Inc., of Northumberland.

“Some moms feel most loved by words of appreciation and acceptance,” he said. For her, you can write a tribute and send it with a homemade card or letter, or contact her via FaceTime, Zoom, or Messenger Chat to share your thoughts and feelings.

For moms who feel most loved by quality of time or acts of service, he said, “Then consider writing your own coupons for her to be used later.” Letting her know that you promise to take her shopping, out for dinner, or do planting or yardwork for her will give her “hope in her heart that you love her as she looks forward to having your make good on your words and actions,” Daku said. “This will be good for your soul and hers!”

“What makes an event special really depends on the person or person’s expectations,” Heintzelman agreed. “Everyone is an individual and has different ideas. Those ideas have to be front and center at their event to make it special or them.”

Admittedly, it’s a little more difficult these days when special events like weddings are being held more and more through video conferencing. “But that will never replace human contact,” Heintzelman said. “We are gregarious creatures.”


Not just on Mother’s Day

Daku reminds that mothers need affirmations of love every day of the year, not just on Mother’s Day.

“When your words and actions are genuine and heartfelt, they can provide a special connection both for the one who gives and the one who receives.”

And that’s something we have all learned to cherish a little more in recent times.

“Mental health, especially during these days, require that you say what you mean and mean what you say,” he said. “We never know how much time we have with a loved one. We just can’t presume on the future.”

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