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The Old Elias Church, now called the Elias Center for the Performing Arts, was built in 1806. Located right on the edge of the town’s cemetery, it is one of the houses on the Mifflinburg Ghost Tour, which starts this Sunday.

MIFFLINBURG — When a local resident asked to hear people’s ghost stories, she had no idea so many homeowners would respond. This is one town with spirit(s).

The Buggy Museum is offering the Mifflinburg Ghost Tour, a one-and-a-half mile walking tour of some of the most haunted houses and businesses in the borough. The first tour takes place this Sunday, with more following on Oct. 17, 24, 25 and 31, all leaving the Buggy Museum on Green Street at 1 p.m. An additional date, Oct. 18, has been reserved for Bucknell University students.

Mary Sullivan, a volunteer with the museum, remembered a similar tour offered years ago and thought it might be fun to resurrect the idea.

 “I had a couple stories that I knew of. I put it out on Facebook asking people to contact me with their ghost stories,” she said. “I was actually amazed. Within a couple hours, I had 117 responses. Everybody has a ghost in Mifflinburg.”

Even as recently as last week she was still hearing more stories, even from people living in some of the newer houses in town.

“In certain blocks, the ghosts all act the same,” Sullivan said. “I’m wondering if they may be going door to door.”

So far, she’s keeping the tour to about 20 homes. One of them is the Old Elias Church, built in 1806 and restored in 2012. It’s located at the end of Fifth Street, right on the edge of the Mifflinburg Cemetery.

“It’s always been one they said was haunted,” Sullivan said. “It used to be an apartment house at one time.”

Eva Linke, board member of the Buggy Museum, said people will love hearing Sullivan’s stories.

“You should see the interest for it,” she said, adding that 400-some people indicated an interest for it on Facebook.

Tours are limited to 15 participants, and CDC guidelines for face masks and social distancing will be followed.

“It’s going to be just a great hour-and-a-half to two-hour walk around Mifflinburg,” Linke said. “It’s amazing how many ghost stories there are in town.”

Tickets are $10 per person and must be purchased in advance online at www.secure.givelively.org/.../mifflinburg-ghost-tour.

“It’s something you can do with your family,” Sullivan said. “It will just give you a fun Halloween type of thing to do, and you’ll probably learn a lot about Mifflinburg that you didn’t know.”

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