SUNBURY — What started as a night of reminiscing among older musicians has turned into more of an open mic night, creating a warm atmosphere that welcomes all for an evening of entertainment.

Geoff Levan’s Geezer Night, hosted by Timothy Burns, is held every Wednesday starting at 6 p.m. at McGuigan’s Public House, on Market Street.

“Geezer Night started four years ago,” said Geoff Levan, musician, composer and songwriter. “A group of vintage musicians used to meet at Guig’s to reminisce about the old days. A dear friend of ours died, so I started a tribute to Bill Gheen and called it Geezer Night, which was actually named by Barry Harter of Memory Lane.”

Patrons enjoy listening to the variety of live music, said Todd Young, manager at McGuigan’s.

“It started as a geezer night, but we let anybody come in and perform,” Young said, adding that some performers use it as a starting point for their musical acts. “Basically it’s an open mic night.”

After organizing Geezer Night for several years, Levan had to hand the reins over to friends when his health took a bad turn last year.

“Geoff originated it. Tim Burns is hosting it now,” Young said.

Levan praised the crew at McGuigan’s, including Allison Hoke, bartender, and Young, whom Levan jokingly called the “patron saint of McGuigan’s.”

“It’s a lot of fun. We’re going to try to expand it next year,” Levan said.

“If you like listening to live music and songs you don’t hear that much on the radio, you’ll like this,” Young said. “It just takes you back to the 60s, 70s and 80s, when music was really good.”

McGuigan’s offers a kitchen special of cheesesteak sandwiches for $5 on Geezer Night, and there is no cover charge for admission.

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