NORTHUMBERLAND — With pandemic restrictions in mind, smaller groups of people are better than large ones — even when it comes to the size of the band.

The Guys, exactly one half of the popular local group, Memory Lane, will perform Friday at 6 p.m. outside on the patio at the Front Street Station in Northumberland.

Memory Lane is known for its mix of music from the ’50s, ’60s and up through current favorites. As a full group, it consists of Fritz Dabulis, lead singer and sax; Bob Noll, keyboard; Barry Harter, bass guitar; Joe Bressi, drummer; and Billy (singer, guitar) and Rosie (singer) Dillaplane. Finding that smaller groups make for easier bookings, the band has, at least occasionally, split in half.

“We decided to go see what it’s like to play on a small scale,” Dabulis said. “Both halves of the band can go out and play. I call it, divide and conquer.”

It seems to work. The Guys, consisting of Dabulis, Noll and Harter, has been rehired everywhere they’ve played.

“We do everything from dinner music to music you can dance to,” Dabulis said.

Though The Guys have not yet performed at the Front Street Station, owner Jay Seidel is looking forward to their appearance on the venue’s outside stage on the shady patio. “Typically it’s nice and warm out there, so you can have a nice cold drink, enjoy the music and have some good food while you’re here,” he said. “Sit back and have a good time.”

Fridays at Front Street are called Martini Friday. Guests can buy a gin, vodka or Cosmopolitan martini or a Lemon Drop for $5. They can also order a full pound of shrimp for $11.99.

A number of acts have performed on the patio stage throughout the summer and Seidel urged live music lovers to take advantage of the good weather while it lasts.

“It’s near the end of the season, so try to get it in now,” he said. “We only have a few shows left.”

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