ELYSBURG — In a dream one night, KristaLyn Vetovich, of Elysburg, saw an alabaster kingdom being attacked by fire. At the same time, someone under a bridge was trying to save the woman he loved.

“I woke up thinking, ‘What happened?’” Vetovich said. “So I wrote the scene. Then I wrote more. I kept writing because I was having so much fun.”

The result is “Pure Fyre,” a “high-vibe” novel about Spyre, who feels like an outcast in the kingdom his brother helps to rule, yet it falls to Spyre to save the kingdom his brother attacks.

What Vetovich defines as high-vibe is a book that raises a person’s energy, or vibration. “You raise your vibration through feelings,” she says on her website, www.kristalynavetovich.com. “Joy, love and excitement are high vibrations, which is why we prefer them over low vibrations like depression, anxiety, or sadness.”

Vetovich, 30, wrote her first book at the age of 13. Her father read it and urged her to publish it, which she did. Since then she’s gone on to write several novels, nonfiction books and short stories, always with an eye toward helping and empowering her readers.

“I’m just writing and hoping I can make a difference,” she said. “The one thing I want people to know is, everything I do, I’m talking to God. I want to show people how meaningful their life is.”

In high-vibe books, the reader can follow characters in a story and relate to what they’re going through.

“By the end of the story, you may not realize it but you’ve learned how to cope with what you’re going through,” Vetovich said. “You realize you’re not alone. You come out on the other side having subconsciously integrated techniques to work with.”

Vetovich’s husband, Dan Montrose, called “Pure Fyre” a very accessible book for someone entering the sci-fi-fantasy genre. His favorite character is an inquisitive elf named Faran.

“Once you get into reading it, you’re like, ‘An hour ago I was on chapter 1, and now I’m on chapter 10, and I just want to keep going,’” he said.

Vetovich is certified in life, spiritual, and health coaching, as well as in various holistic modalities including Reiki master/teacher, crystal healing, advanced integrated energy therapy and Advanced ThetaHealing, with additional certifications in hellenistic astrology and chirology. She acknowledged that astrology and Christianity can appear to be at odds with each other, but she embraces and benefits from both.

As for a writing schedule, it happens when it happens.

“I’m not the person who writes every day,” she said. “I write when I can’t not write. I sort of let God do the journey then.”

When she does write, she works quickly. She finished “Driven Fearless,” about facing the anxieties of driving, in a day and a half. “Strayed,” a novella in her “Shifted” series, was written in three months. She often writes while watching television.

“I like to say a lot of my books were written while watching the Super Bowl,” she said, explaining that her family liked watching football, but she simply enjoyed being with them while writing: “I could hear them cheering, look up, I don’t get it, I’m going back to my story.”

She also enjoys writing while watching Disney and other children’s movies.

“You finish (the movie), and you feel like you can conquer the world,” she said. “You have the feeling you are just as capable as any character you have admired.”

Vetovich credits her parents, Sam and Kathy Vetovich, with taking her beyond her comfort zone to mission trips around the world, a ritual she continues with her husband. Her parents own Heritage Restaurant, in Shamokin, and Montrose is in the process of opening Bamse Coffee & Roasters, also in Shamokin.

“I’ve had a great life,” KristaLyn said. “I know to keep kindness in the front.”

While continuing on more books in the “Pure Fyre” series, she hopes readers will benefit from her work.

“I hope that if people are looking for a book, they consider one of mine,” she said. “And I hope it fills the space that they have.”

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