d to stress, but it does offer unique ways to deal with it. One good option: spending the evening on a deck with friends. 

The very first Open Deck Night of the season will kick off Friday from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at Shade Mountain Winery & Vineyards, in Middleburg.

“We’ve been doing this for five or six years as a way to invite people to come out on the deck and enjoy the view, some music and wine,” said Amy Scorsone, daughter of winery owners Karl and Carolyn Zimmerman who, like her siblings, wears many hats in the family business.

Deck Night is all about relaxing. The wine will be chilled and ready for purchase. Musicians will fill the air with their strumming and crooning. Guests can sit back, sip wine and gaze upon the rolling hillsides planted with rows of budding, green grape vines.

“This Friday kicks off our ‘Deck’ days of summer,” said family member and colleague Jenny Zimmerman, “where people come to listen to local tunes, enjoy fine wine and take in the views of the valley.”

This week’s live music will be provided by the “terrific triumvirate” of Kimbo, Chris Trassati and Company.

Keeping in mind the early evening hour, Shade Mountain Winery has arranged for food to be available through Middleburg’s own Vinnie’s Pizza, allowing people to arrive straight from work in time for the music. Situated next to the winery’s Cabernet Franc vines, Vinnie’s will sell pizza, garlic knot meatball sliders and possibly boneless chicken wings.

“We offer the food because we know people are coming right from work,” Scorsone said. “They can just relax on the deck, enjoy the food and the music, and have some wine.”