TURBOTVILLE — GFWC Warrior Run Woman's Club, affiliated with the General Federation of Women's Club, recently sponsored an arts contest in Warrior Run schools. According to Cindy Troutman-Myers, arts chairman, 40 students participated in the arts and photography contest, and approximately 120 students entered the poetry and short story contest.

Prizewinners in the art category from first through third place were: grades 4-6, Gabrielle Heiss, Lanie Urbanski, Natalie Lincahis; grades 7-9, Caleb Freeze, Laura Kessler; and grades 10-12, Kayla Bryer and Linda Baysore.

Photography winners in grades 4-6 were David Myers and Andrew Myers; grades 7-9, Laura Kessler; and grades 10-12, Alexa Blanchard.

Poetry winners in grades 1-3 were: Jamie McCormack and Sawyer Black; grades 4-6, Corinne Thomas, Gabrielle Brougham, and Abigail Neamand; grades 7-9, Alicia Via, Kearstyn Cook, Samantha Klinger; and grades 10-12, Alexis Miller.

Winners in the short story contest were: grades 1-3, Grace Hormell, Sara Kreuger, Cassidy Thomas; grades 4-6, Lanie Urbanski, Rylie Urbanski, and Zachary Smith; grades 7-9, Tyler Kling; and grades 10-12, Linda Baysore, Alexa Blanchard and Chelsy Cotner.

First place short story and poetry winners are sent to the state level to compete with winners from other Federated clubs on Arts Day, May 2 in conjunction with the General Federation of Women's Clubs Pennsylvania Convention at Gettysburg. First place art and photography winners were judged at the District Arts Day on March 27. Five members of the Warrior Run Club attended the event in Milton.

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