ELYSBURG — The 91st season at Knoebels Amusement Resort will bring two new games, new food options and a new ride that will take people over the top.

The Knoebels family is looking forward to Memorial Day weekend when they expect to introduce “Over The Top,” an orange and blue thrill ride that will reach more than 21 feet in height and provide riders with riders with an over the top motion while standing and will send riders both clockwise and counterclockwise, according to park officials.

“It’s fun every time you come around the top,” Trevor Knoebel said. “Your stomach drops off. It’s definitely a lot of thrill.”

“Three generations of Knoebels family are all in agreement that this is a good ride,” Brian Knoebel said.

Over the Top will be located in the area of the antique car ride. The nearby Cub Cars will be relocated slightly to accommodate the new ride, Brian Knoebel said.

Longtime visitors might recognize some characteristics of a former ride called the Flying Cages, parts of which can be seen in the Knoebels History Museum. That ride operated at Knoebels from 1964 until the park’s Handstamp Building was constructed in 1986. A rider was challenged to shift their weight back and forth inside the cage, while standing, in an attempt to make the cage go ‘over the top.’

Trevor Knoebel said many visitors have said they are excited to relive some of their memories from the Flying Cages.

Though riders will not be tasked with propelling the new ride, the ‘over the top’ motion will be part of the rider experience, as will the fact that riders will be standing. The ride will have a Cages-like theme at Knoebels, and will move both clockwise and counterclockwise.

Visitors need to be at least 48 inches in height to ride Over the Top. It costs $2 in tickets to ride and will be included in the Ride All Day plan.

The park is also getting two new games: a second Giant Crane machine that will be near Impulse and a fishing game that allows players to scoop out fake fish with a net and win prizes based on how much the fish weighs. The fishing game uses chip readers to determine the weight of it.

Furthermore, hungry visitors can experience new burgers at the Phoenix Junctions and roasted corn throughout the park. 

Knoebels is also continuing to be a “charming” park, Brian Knoebel said. This consists of projects to drop primary electric lines and other wires underground and removing poles from the park.

Other upgrades includes leveling and rebuilding the restroom near the Giant Wheel, adding 2,000-amp service to Lake Glory Campground, a remodeling of the Nickle Plate Bar and Grille at the Three Ponds Golf Course. 

The park will open April 29 with a buy-one-get-one deal on all day ride passes. 

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