SUNBURY — Customers can listen to jazz music, enjoy a hot dog, dip into some ice cream and wash it all down with an alcoholic beverage during a visit to the Duck-In.

The Duck-In is located behind the Dip-In and right next to the Squeeze-In — all at 448 Market Street. 

Owner Bob Snyder, of Sunbury, is no stranger to the bar business. He owned the former Peppermint Lounge, a bar, restaurant and nightclub that was destroyed by fire in 2009.

Snyder said he waited for the right moment to make a come back, noting that the Duck-In is the perfect spot because he didn’t want another nightclub.

“I wanted to have a family friendly place this time around,” he said. “I wanted a place people can go and just sit and listen to chill music and enjoy some food and good conversation.”

Snyder recently opened the Dip-In, which serves ice cream and ice cream with alcohol for those who want a bit of a kick in their sweet treat.

The Duck-In has a full bar with several tables inside and outside in a patio section. The twist Snyder said, is the garage door that welcomes customers, will never be closed — even if it snows.

“We have several heaters and fire pits and a fireplace, so we are going to experiment by always keeping the door open,” he said. “We will see how it goes, but I can assure people, they will not be cold.”

On Wednesday nights, there will be jazz music and on Thursdays, customers can step up to an open mic or sing karaoke. Friday and Saturday nights will be for those who just want to come in, listen to music and relax, Snyder said.

“I am glad to to be back in this business, and I am so happy to see so many old faces,” he said. “So far we are doing great, and I am thrilled to be part of this community and be able to provide a place to go.”

The Duck-In serves various food specials Wednesday through Saturday. The Squeeze-In hotdogs are available anytime.

The Duck-In is available for private parties and can be used by anyone looking for a place to hold fundraisers, Snyder said.

Sunbury City Councilman Jim Eister said he is happy for Snyder and is happy to see another business in Sunbury.

“He (Bob Snyder) will do great,” Eister said. “It’s such a nice place, and I wish him nothing but the best of luck. He is one of those people who continues to invest in Sunbury.”

The Duck-In is open Wednesday through Saturday from 5 p.m. until midnight.

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