For many Americans, life is busier than ever and time to keep up with latest news – or to learn new things – is quite limited.

Fortunately, for those who are interested in learning about business and finance issues, there are some great podcasts available that are not only educational but entertaining, and easy to incorporate into a commute, a walk or elsewhere in your daily routine.

Here are three podcasts that I recommend:

‘Business Wars’

“Business Wars” examines the history of, and between, two competing companies. Recent podcasts have highlighted Southwest Airlines vs. American Airlines and Sony vs. Nintendo. “Business Wars” goes back to the start of the companies, the challenges each company faced, and how they interacted with each other and other competitors. “Business Wars” presents each “war” with about six 25-minute episodes.

These are wildly entertaining and feel like more like a short audiobook than a podcast. Actors dramatize various situations, and the listener gets a good feel for the highs, lows and key moments that led these companies to become some of the most successful in the world.

While entertaining, “Business Wars” is also insightful in how it illustrates the value of entrepreneurship and innovative thinking to society. It is also interesting and educational to learn how companies survived and adapted around (sometimes non-sensical) laws.

‘Everyday Millionaires’

“Everyday Millionaires” is a podcast from “The Dave Ramsey Show” that answers one caller’s question about a personal finance issue each day in a five- to ten-minute podcast.

This is a great podcast for those who’d like something quick and easy, as each episode is short. Advice ranges from views on how people become successful, tips for how much to invest, tips on portfolio allocation and more.

Ramsey’s — and his team’s — books and radio shows have provided sound financial advice to millions.

“Everyday Millionaires” is a nice way to receive small chunks of information on personal finance issues. If you’re looking for longer episodes or more in-depth analysis, there are full episodes of “The Dave Ramsey Show” available through most podcast providers.

‘Barron’s Streetwise’

“Barron’s Streetwise” is a weekly podcast that usually examines issues surrounding one sector of the economy/stock market each week. It’s hosted by Jack Hough, who’s witty and provides great analysis about how to think through issues and trends. Each week, Hough covers one sector of the economy and interviews leaders from one or more companies in that sector. For example, a recent episode examined how work-from-home has changed the way we dress and what we might expect when there is a return to the office. Hough interviewed the CEO of a mail-order clothing company for insights and also provided his own analysis. “Streetwise,” like the other podcasts mentioned, provides good insights but is also entertaining.

Time is tight, but keeping up with good personal finance habits is important. These podcasts are easy to integrate into your daily routine and should help you learn new things and stay on top of your finances.

Matt Rousu is dean of the Sigmund Weis School of Business at Susquehanna University. Views do not necessarily represent those of his employer.

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