The Country Cupboard is located on Hafer Road, just north of Lewisburg in Kelly Township.

A report from the SEDA-Council of Governments shows that 80 restaurants, bars and other businesses in the four-county area received $2,149,699 in COVID-19 Hospitality Industry Recovery Program (CHIRP) grants.

The two largest CHIRP grants in Snyder, Union, Montour and Northumberland counties went to Country Cupboard Inn and Country Cupboard Inc. in Union County, which received a total of $90,000 between two grants. Five other businesses received in excess of $40,000, seven businesses received less than $10,000 and the remaining 66 received between $10,000 and $40,000 in grants.

“The funds were provided to help businesses, specifically in the hospitality industry, that had closures due to COVID,” said SEDA-Council of Governments Community Relations Director Kristen Moyer. “The funds were designed to help them get back on their feet and get them back up and running after the severe parts of the pandemic.”

CHIRP funding in Valley

Field 1 Field 2 Field 3
County Business Name Total CHIRP funds
Montour Danville Brewing Company, LLC $5,000.00
Montour DANVILLE HOTEL INC $30,000.00
Montour DJ Hospitality dba The Pub II $25,000.00
Montour K Investments Ltd. dba Perkins (Danville) $25,000.00
Montour Mayberry Hospitality LLC $15,000.00
Montour Old Forge Brewing Company $30,000.00
Montour Roberts Food Service LLC dba BJ's M Street Tavern & Oyster Bar $25,000.00
Montour Seidel's Mardi Gras, Inc. $30,000.00
Montour Z MART LLC $13,080.00
Northumberland Bradley's Fern Park inc./ DBA. New Fern Park $21,253.35
Northumberland COUNTRY CORNER CAFE $21,253.35
Northumberland Dawn of Pop Snyders Lunch $12,885.00
Northumberland Eclipse Craft Brewing $16,253.35
Northumberland Firehouse Winery, Inc. $21,253.35
Northumberland Front Street Station, Inc. $36,253.35
Northumberland Ghezzi's Restaurant & Lounge Inc $41,253.35
Northumberland Heritage Restaurant LLC $36,253.35
Northumberland Hidden Castle Banquets LLC $16,253.35
Northumberland Jay's Tiffany's Northside, Inc. $36,253.35
Northumberland Laughters $36,253.35
Northumberland Lengthening Years Inc DBA Penelope MurphyÕs B and B $7,156.96
Northumberland Lisa's Milltown Deli $21,253.35
Northumberland Liveevil, Inc $21,253.35
Northumberland Lost Mined Brewery LLC $31,253.35
Northumberland Massers Catering Inc $36,253.35
Northumberland Massers Restaurant $41,253.35
Northumberland Murphy Enterprise, Inc. DBA White Oak Tavern $41,253.35
Northumberland Packer House $21,253.35
Northumberland Pete's On Broadway Inc $36,253.35
Northumberland Profile Coffee and Roasters Inc $41,253.35
Northumberland R R TIN CUP LLC $36,253.35
Northumberland Ram Govind Sai LLC $36,253.35
Northumberland Ram Tulsi LLC $16,253.35
Northumberland RANDALLS WEST BRANCH EATERY $31,253.35
Northumberland RAS BAR Inc. $31,253.35
Northumberland Shawn & April Smiths Bar LLC dba The Roost $36,253.35
Northumberland snyders by the creek $21,253.35
Northumberland SRJR INC $21,253.35
Northumberland Stone Coast Enterprises Inc. DBA/Ric-Mar Restaurant $26,253.35
Northumberland SUSQUEHANNA SMOKEHOUSE LLC $36,253.35
Northumberland Three Beards Brewing, LLC $36,253.35
Northumberland Wake & Wire, LLC $9,847.86
Northumberland Watsontown Hotel, Inc. $26,253.35
Northumberland Wuerdy Enterprises, LLC $36,253.35
Snyder BJ's Steak & Rib House $37,277.87
Snyder Bot's Tavern $17,277.87
Snyder Cruisers Cafe $32,277.87
Snyder Freeburg Hotel, Inc. $22,277.87
Snyder HOTEL MIDDLEBURGER $32,277.87
Snyder J&J Snack Bar $5,100.00
Snyder K Investments Ltd. dba Perkins (Selinsgrove) $32,277.87
Snyder Monica, Inc $37,277.87
Snyder Neema Enterprises, Inc $37,277.87
Snyder Neema Selinsgrove LP $42,277.87
Snyder R & T Grilling & Catering $12,277.87
Snyder Selin's Grove Brewing Co. $32,277.87
Snyder Sunshine Shows Llc $17,277.87
Snyder The Country Tavern & Restaurant $32,277.87
Snyder The Kind Cafe $32,277.87
Union Country Cupboard Inn $40,000.00
Union Country Cupboard, Inc. $50,000.00
Union dba Bull Run Tap House $25,000.00
Union ECL Enterprises, Inc DBA Elizabeth's, An American Bistro $25,000.00
Union Holiday Inn Express Lewisburg/New Columbia $35,000.00
Union Iron Front Cowork, LLC $25,000.00
Union K Investments Ltd. dba Perkins (Lewisburg) $28,677.00
Union Kelly Hospitality, LLC $38,677.00
Union Keystone Steakhouse, LLC $30,000.00
Union La Primavera Italiano Ristorante $35,000.00
Union Lewisburg Delicatessen $25,000.00
Union S & M Catering 2 LLC $5,000.00
Union Satyam Management Inc / Quality Inn $30,000.00
Union Sushihanna Corp $20,000.00
Union Tawsty Flower B&B/Haines Suites $15,000.00
Union The Forest House Hotel $25,000.00
Union TYB LLC $25,000.00
Total $2,149,699.00

CHIRP funding through the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development is allocating $145 million to hospitality industry businesses negatively impacted by the pandemic. In total, 311 businesses in 11 Valley counties received a total of $7.1 million in CHIRP funds, including $1,223,812 in Northumberland County, $449,268 in Snyder County, $203,080 in Montour County and $502,354 in Union County, said Moyer.

The funds had to be awarded by the end of this week. The grant amounts were determined by a specific formula based on the business’s losses, said Moyer.

SEDA-COG worked with 10 counties to be the administrator of the funds on behalf of the county commissioners. Each applicant was screened for eligibility and then county commissioners were tasked with signing off on each of the businesses, said Moyer.

The five other businesses that received in excess of $40,000: Murphy Enterprise Inc., doing business as White Oak Tavern, in Herndon; Masser’s Restaurant in Paxinos; Profile Coffee and Roasters Inc. in Elysburg; and Ghezzi’s Restaurant & Lounge Inc. in Paxinos all received $41,252.35 each, and Neema Selinsgrove LP in Selinsgrove received $42,277.87.

Northumberland County Commissioner Sam Schiccatano said the counties worked smoothly with SEDA-COG.

“The businesses that got the money needed it,” he said. “Hopefully it gets everybody back to being where they were. It helped them stay in business and continue.”

Kathy Vetovich, owner of Heritage Restaurant LLC in Shamokin, said the money was “very beneficial” and she was thankful to receive a $25,000 grant.

“We had to submit expenses we paid specifically for COVID,” said Vetovich. “We built a fabulous outdoor patio with lights and a fence. All that (planning) was pushed up a year so we could do outdoor dining.”

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