School Buses Dismissal

Danville Primary School students walk to their buses on a recent school day.

A second school within the Danville Area School District will shift to remote learning for the next week, superintendent Ricki Boyle said Wednesday afternoon.

Boyle said an increase in cases and the number of students quarantined led to the closure of Liberty Valley Intermediate School, which houses third through fifth grades.

"Due to rising cases and contact tracing, Liberty Valley will switch to virtual instruction," Boyle said in a message to parents. 

Students will shift to remote learning Thursday, Friday, Monday and Tuesday with plans to return to in-person instruction on Oct. 13. 

Boyle said there are 8 cases in the school with other "families reporting symptoms to be tested in the next few days." Ten students were quarantined on Wednesday, she said.

Danville's Primary school is closed this week due to an increase in COVID in that school as well.

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