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Pennsylvania Health officials registered 1,088 new COVID-19 cases on Thursday, the first time in two months with more than 1,000 new cases. There were also 14 new cases in the Valley.

Thursday’s total is the largest statewide increase since May 26 when 1,127 new cases were registered. The last time Department of Health officials announced more than 1,000 new cases was May 28.

More than a quarter of the new cases — 274 — were in Allegheny and Philadelphia counties. Philadelphia County had 152 new cases, while Allegheny had 122. There were four counties, including Montour, statewide that did not report any new cases on Thursday.

The Department of Health has announced 6,058 cases over the last 10 days. From July 1-19, DOH officials registered 4,506 cases.

Locally, the 14 new cases represented the largest increase since June 14, when there were also 14 new cases. DOH officials recorded seven new cases in Northumberland County, six in Union and one in Snyder. It is the largest increase in Northumberland County since June 8 and the largest in Union since June 12.

There were no new COVID-19 related deaths in Valley counties reported for the eighth consecutive day. Statewide, DOH officials registered four deaths linked to the coronavirus.

According to state data, more than 5.69 million Pennsylvania residents are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, including 78,896 in the four Susquehanna Valley counties.

HospitalizationsThere were 462 patients hospitalized with COVID-19 on Thursday, an increase of 17; over the past four days, the number of patients hospitalized statewide has increased by 100. Of those hospitalized, 87 were being treated in intensive care units (ICUs), down eight from Wednesday. There were 50 patients on ventilators, up three for the second day in a row

In the Valley, 11 patients were hospitalized in Valley medical facilities. All 11 patients are at Geisinger’s main campus in Danville, including four in ICU and two on ventilators. There are no COVID patients being treated at Evangelical Community Hospital or Geisinger-Shamokin according to state data. There was no change in local hospital data in Thursday’s release from state health officials.

Nursing homesAt Valley nursing homes, there have been 2,217 cases across the four counties since the pandemic began in March 2020. The state does not provide a list of active cases, only the cumulative total dating back 16 months. In Thursday’s report, there were no new cases in Valley facilities, but state health officials added one death linked to a long-term care facility in Union County.

In the latest state data, there have been 308 resident cases and 74 staff cases in Montour County. Forty-seven residents have died due to complications from the novel coronavirus.

In Northumberland County, since last March, there have been 1,065 residents and 270 staffers who have tested positive, along with 221 deaths.

In Snyder County, 138 residents and 37 staffers have tested positive. The state reports 21 residents have died at long-term care facilities.

Union County has had 267 resident and 57 staff cases. Forty-three residents have died.

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