By Marcia Moore

The Daily Item

SUNBURY — Northumberland County officials met Thursday with business administrators from the county's eight school districts to discuss how they will deal with 2009 property tax exemption applications.

The meeting was called as a result of an error made in the assessment office earlier this year that provided no one who applied for a farmstead exemption any tax relief.

Under Act 1, a farm is eligible if it is 10 acres or larger and buildings on the land are used to produce or store farm produce or animals or used to store machinery or equipment used for agricultural purposes.

Northumberland County was the only county in the state to have problems with the process. Eventually, approved applicants did receive the farmstead exemption.

To make sure things go smoother next year, county Assessor Al Bressi and the commissioners met Thursday to discuss the process with business managers from the Shikellamy, Warrior Run, Milton, Shamokin, Line Mountain, Danville, Mount Carmel and Southern Columbia districts.

"We felt we could make things easier and it could be done better," said county commissioners Chairman Frank Sawicki.

The county assessment office handles about 200 property transactions a month, he said, and work is being done to avoid transaction errors.

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