Danville Primary School second-graders Amari Frazier, left, and Audrey Carruth participated in Earth Day cleanup as part of teacher Danielle Bronowicz’s class challenge.

DANVILLE — Earth Day last weekend was more than just a topic discussed in Danielle Bronowicz’s primary school class.

It became a live participatory event for second-grade students.

Leading up to Earth Day, Bronowicz said,”my class, after reading a book, started their own Earth Day challenge. They completed tasks like recycling, donating toys and clothes to be re-used. They picked up trash in the neighborhood. We also started our own compost bin at school.”

“They took all this upon themselves after reading a book about the environment,” Bronowicz said. “They would get all excited and say, ‘let’s do this,’ or ‘let’s do that.’”

The class came up with the ideas and Bronowicz “rolled with it,” she said, laughing.

In most cases the kids had help from their families, when it came time to complete their self-imposed list of tasks.

Then the Montour Area Recreation Commission (MARC) had an area-wide community clean-up.

“A few students joined. They were the only ones that could make it Saturday,” she said. “We had a lot of competition that day. Soccer, baseball and first communion days.”

“We picked up around Hess Field.”

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