Mrs. Emma J. Heller, 312 Walnut St., yesterday sold the war outfit of Sitting Bull, great Sioux Indian leader, to the Wyoming Historical and Genealogical Society of Wilkes-Barre for $600.

For several months, Miss Frances Dorrance, director of the society which has an elaborate exhibit and museum at Wilkes Barre and a few New York City relic gatherers, had been corresponding with Mrs. Heller in regard to sale of the costume.

After possessing for 23 years the beautiful head dress, saddle coat and other articles, once worn by the famous chieftain, Mrs. Heller found it difficult to decide to part with them.

From Miss Dorrance a few days ago came the attractive offer of $600 and Mrs. Heller decided to sell. The museum director motored here yesterday afternoon and took the outfit back to Wilkes-Barre with her.

The Indian garments were given by Sitting Bull to General Henry Thomas in Oklahoma shortly before the great Sioux was killed in 1800. General Thomas gave all to his son, Harry, who married the local woman's daughter, Hattie. Twenty-three years ago Mr. and Mrs. Thomas gave them to Mrs. Heller.

Until a few months ago few people knew of the valuable Indian suit owned by Mrs. Heller. She showed it to some friends and in a short time it became generally known she had the last war dress of Sitting Bull and tempting offers for it began to pour into the Walnut Street home.

Through recent contact with the Wyoming Historical and Genealogical Society, I learned the Sitting Bull costume is still part of their collection at their museum at 49 S. Franklin St., Wilkes Barre. - S.H.

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