The Democratic State Central Committee has tapped Mark Critz, the late John Murtha's former district director, as its candidate to fill the 12th district congressional seat. Critz lead the votes, beating out former state treasurer Barbara Hafer.

In the running on the Republican side are businessman Tim Burns and Murtha's 2008 challenger, Bill Russell. The election will be held May 18, the same day as the primary.

State Rep. Scott Conklin, D-77, of Centre County, announced his candidacy for lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania Tuesday. In a statement, Conklin said he is humbled by the outpouring of support he has received and plans to take his reform message statewide.

"It is because I believe in servant leadership," Conklin said. "We have come along way over the last few years, 31 reform measures, we have an office of open records so the public can see what is going on, but we need to do more."

The representative was urged to run by many who saw his forum on the need for a constitutional convention that aired on PCN. Conklin recognizes that citizens remain frustrated in their government.

"We can take our frustration and turn it into something positive," Conklin said. "This campaign is about taking how frustrated everybody in the state is and making it viable that we can have a better future."

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