The Danville News

DANVILLE — The Danville School Board hired employees and accepted resignations at its meeting Tuesday night.

Stephen Kalberer was named school psychologist at a salary of $45,445 effective Sept. 8.

Michelle Lynch was hired as an elementary guidance counselor at Liberty Valley Intermediate School at a salary of $58,421.

Dean Robbins was hired as coordinator of student management at the high school, a 210-day position, at a salary of $26,040 as of Aug. 20.

Also approved were Sara Nogle as a fourth grade teacher at Liberty Valley at $39,901; Cody Geyer, as a long-term substitute for third grade at Liberty Valley at a salary of $39,901; Sarah Kline, guidance counselor at the middle school at $42,076; Kimberly Jones McLaughlin as a learning support teacher at the middle school at $39,901; Alison Van Patter, reading specialist at the middle school at $43,699; and Erin Cegielski, second grade teacher at Mahoning-Cooper Elementary at $39,901.

Resignations were accepted from Megan Treon, Mahoning-Cooper second grade teacher; Nancy Conner, cafeteria substitute; Lori Miller, cafeteria employee; Angela Davis, sixth grade learning support teacher at the middle school; and Angela Haines, elementary art teacher.

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