I recently moved to a wonderful community in Buffalo Township. Upon my second day of moving, I was alerted by my neighbors that a human waste processing plant planned to set up shop at what is currently a farm at 7249 Furnace Road, Mifflinburg.

The plant would process an average of 600 tons daily of human sewage from neighboring states and/or Canada to make fertilizer. I bought my house, as did most in my neighborhood, to have a peaceful place to live and raise a family. With the increased traffic through Routes 15 and 45 and along Furnace road — not to mention the daily odors the plant would inevitably emit — I am concerned for the quality of life that the future holds for the community if such a plant is allowed to come into the area. I am concerned not only about the increased traffic and daily odors, but also of the health concerns and pollution that could be a result of this plant. If this plant is given permission to operate I feel that it will be detrimental to this area and to those of us who enjoy the beauty and serenity of our homes. If you would like to join in the fight or would like more information I encourage you to visit www.bvneighbors.org.

Melissa Sweigart,


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