Election 2021

DANVILLE — Danville Mayor Bernice Swank apparently staved off a challenge in Tuesday’s Republican primary to win the nomination and likely the fall election, according to incomplete and unofficial results.

Edward Nelson has been unopposed in the last three mayoral races in Milton, but if he wants to maintain a post he has held since 1995, the longtime Milton mayor will have to win twice this year.

Candidates for Lewisburg and Milton school boards answered, among others, questions during an online forum Thursday about their motivations for seeking office, filling the education gap caused by the pandemic, what their top priorities are and how to respond to potential gun violence.

SELINSGROVE — A trio of state representatives, including David Rowe (R-85) toured Valley businesses on Thursday to hear ongoing concerns about the impact of Gov. Tom Wolf’s COVID-19 mitigation measures while also offering some information regarding two constitutional amendments regarding dis…

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