Clair Moyer

Clair Moyer

LEWISBURG — A fourth Republican, Clair Moyer, seeks the GOP nomination for state representative in the 85th District.

Moyer, 72, of Lewisburg, looks to succeed Fred Keller, who represented the district since 2010. Keller won a special election to Congress. He resigned his state house seat and was sworn in this week as the new Congressman from the 12th District.

A special election will be held Aug. 20. Democrat and Republican committees in the 85th District are expected to select their respective candidates this month.

Moyer, a retired state employee, describes himself as an outsider. He said he’s someone who won’t be bought by special interests, someone who believes in transparency and open-door policies.

Property tax reform heads his platform. Calls for reform have fallen on deaf ears for years, he said.

“People I talk to, especially the elderly, want property tax replaced with a more equitable form of taxation in which everyone pays their fair share. Those who no longer have children in school should not be burdened with a property tax to pay the cost of public education,” Moyer said.

Moyer said he would cosponsor legislation to have Pennsylvania join the Convention of States movement. The Convention of States under Article V of the U.S. Constitution allows for 34 states to compel Congress to call a constitutional convention towards ratifying amendments.

Moyer said he’s a pro-life candidate and opposes special interest groups.

“I believe that every unborn infant deserves to be born. The choice should be to abstain or to take necessary steps to prevent a pregnancy, not a choice to live or die. The decision to not have a child needs to be made before consummation not afterward,” Moyer said.

Moyer never held public office but did express interest in an East Buffalo Township board vacancy and ran a write-in campaign for U.S. President in 2012.

There are four Republicans now seeking the party’s nod for the special election: Moyer, Ben Ranck, a member of Keller’s former administrative state House staff, David Rowe, East Buffalo Township supervisor, and Darwin Swope, also a former member of Keller’s staff. Selinsgrove physician Jennifer Rager-Kay and Lewisburg pharmacist Adam Rosinski are seeking the Democratic nomination.