MILLVILLE — Students in third, fourth and fifth grades at Greenwood Friends School are trying their hand at becoming playwrights. They have developed three-character scripts including protagonists and antagonists and have developed plot outlines. Once they finish scripting rough drafts, the authors will gather in small groups to do readings of each others' plays and offer constructive feedback.

Intermediates are learning about the geological regions of Pennsylvania. Younger intermediates created informative posters based upon their research of those regions, while older Intermediates are using their research to create persuasive brochures to entice visitors to vacation in each area.

The school's student theater troupe, the Greenwood Players, recently held auditions for the spring production of "You, the Jury," a courtroom drama. The play's case revolves around Barbara Scott, accused of murdering her employer, and her sister Edith, a defense attorney trying to get Barbara acquitted. How will it all end? That depends on the 12 audience members who will serve as the jury. The Players will rehearse two different endings in preparation.

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