LEBANON (AP) _ An infant girl was bitten repeatedly by her father, burned with bath water and suffered an untreated head injury before she died, police said.

Homicide charges were filed Wednesday against Kevin Clayton Mitchell Jr., 20, of Lebanon, who detectives said admitted he bit his daughter Zariyah "excessively."

"Mitchell stated, 'I am sorry and I did not mean to take the first born child of the baby's mother and whatever goes on now, whatever you find on her, was done by me,'" according to an arrest affidavit.

Zariyah was taken to the hospital Friday — two days after a struggle between her parents — and pronounced dead. She was nearly 7 months old.

A forensic examination Saturday determined that the cause of death was "homicidal in nature," but police did not spell out exactly how Zariyah died.

The child had bite marks on her cheek, chin and back, and injuries to her chest, thighs and legs, police said. Her left eye had signs of bleeding.

Miriam Nebot, the girl's mother, told police that a "tug of war" over the child occurred during a fight May 21 between her and Mitchell.

"During this dispute, Mitchell stated, 'If you don't give her to me, I will choke her,'" according to the affidavit by Lebanon County Detective Michael Dipalo. "At the time of this dispute, Mitchell had grabbed the child forcibly by the back of the neck."

Mitchell told investigators Zariyah did not seem right from that point on.

"Mitchell (said) the baby became listless and unable to support its head, before beginning to not eat or drink and running a fever. Mitchell admitted he had bitten the child 'excessively,'" Dipalo wrote.

Mitchell had previously been charged with simple assault, endangering the welfare of a child and aggravated assault.

Lebanon County District Attorney David Arnold said at a Wednesday news conference that he may seek the death penalty against Mitchell. He said there are unanswered questions about how Zariyah died and that no decision has been made about whether to charge Nebot.

Mitchell was not represented by a lawyer at his arraignment Wednesday. He was jailed without bail, and a tentative preliminary hearing date of June 6 was scheduled. A phone listing for Nebot could not be located.

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