Ever-growing and ever-evolving, technology has experienced tremendous expansion over the years.

With the invention of calculators, digital clocks, automated cash registers, audio books, Dragon software, and computers, are these technologies really advancing us as a society or are they holding us back?

What happened to the days where you had to do math by hand and you couldn't turn to a calculator to give you the answer? Or the days where you had to actually read a book instead of having it read aloud to you?

Basic life skills such as reading and arithmetic could be perceived as obsolete because there are applications to complete these tasks for us. However, reliance on technology is dangerous because these elementary concepts are the building blocks of higher-level thinking and analysis.

Through the years, I've experienced many technological changes and advancements, but I often wonder if such progressions are empowering or delaying.

Erin Nolan,

Mifflinburg Area High School

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