MIFFLINBURG — Mifflinburg Halloween Parade winners have been announced.

Division I — Individuals 0-4 years old: Kaleb Sauers, first place; Emily Pfirman, second place; Sarah Fritz and Makenna Hauger, third place; Erica Renard, fourth place

Division II — Individuals five years old to kindergarten: Lynzee Ruhl, first place; Amily and Andrew Frederick, second place; Sierra Greiner, third place; Delaney Good, fourth place; Ben Horning, fifth place

Division III — Individuals grades 1 and 2: Carlie Sheesley, first place; Nolan Beck, second place; Gabe DeFacious, third place; Tristan Greiner, fourth place; Denise Seebold, fifth place

Division IV — Individuals grades 3 and 4: Michael Renard, first place; Casey Snook, second place; Hailee Hanselman, third place; Chelsea Willis, fourth place; Hayley Beck, fifth place

Division V — Individuals grade 5 and 6: Hannah Walter, first place; Sarah Lemon, second place; Kartelyn Sheesley, third place; Courtney Benner, fourth place

Division VI — Individuals seventh grade and up: Kayla Dunkle, first place; Ashley Confer, second place; Ale Barben, third place; J.T. Greeney, fourth place; Jamie Gessner, fifth place

Division VII — Groups two or more — up to and including third grade: Adam and Abigail Snayberger, first place

Division VIII — Groups two or more grade 4-6: Caroline and Lily Eberhart, first place; Gordie DeFacis and Garrett Enders, second place; Jacqueline and Kellen Beck, third place

Division IX — Groups of two or more seventh grade and up: Izaak and Sean Grodotzke, Madison Wagner, first place; Sarah Baughman and Laura Finck, second place

Division X — Organizations: Red Hat Divas, first place; Girl Scout Troup 1902 of Mifflinburg, second place; Cub Scout Troup 3520 of Mifflinburg, third place

Division XI — Floats: Rolling Hill Manor

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