BOILING SPRINGS — On Aug. 1, John Heinze retired after serving as the president of Allenberry Resort Inn and Playhouse since 1967. His brother Jere Heinze, who was the resort's general manager, was named president and Jere's son, Charles A.B. Heinze II, was promoted from food and beverage director to general manager.

In 1944, Charles A.B. Heinze purchased the private estate and transformed it into a one-of-a-kind resort. When the property was incorporated in 1967, Charles' oldest son, John, was named the resort's president. Over his 42 years as president, John took his father's vision of Allenberry and turned it into a thriving business — streamlining operations, adding buildings, a fine dining facility, and tennis courts.

John is also well-known among Allenberry patrons and employees alike as the producer of the Allenberry theater and who sometimes appeared on stage. In 60 years, the theater has only had two producers, John and his father. Jere Heinze has become the third producer.

In his retirement, John looks forward to traveling and playing golf with his wife, Kathy. A supporter of Penn State, he plans to spend time in State College, as well as visiting his two daughters, Cricket and Jackie, who live in New York and Los Angeles, respectively.

Jere Heinze had served as Allenberry's general manager since 1980, and is responsible for turning the summer resort into a year-round business. He created Allenberry's Murder Mystery Weekends and commissioned the original Christmas Shows at the theater.

Jere resides on the property with his wife, Diane. As president, he plans to build residential homes on its 57 acres.

In 2005, Jere's son, Charles A.B. Heinze II had served as food and beverage director since 2005. Prior to that, Charles held management positions at the Loews L'Enfant Plaza in Washington, D.C., the Tavern Restaurant in State College, and at both the Hyatt Regency in New Orleans and Hyatt Regency Lake Las Vegas Resort.

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