Give a laurel to Colin Hendershot. Journalists meet a lot of interesting people on a weekly basis, but Colin has to be one of the better stories to ever appear in The Danville News. Few people raise turkeys and tap trees to make and sell homemade maple syrup. Colin is doing it at age 14. He is also a multi-sport athlete, an avid outdoorsman and is growing approximately 1,000 ears of corn this year.

Give a laurel to Anne Beecham for her volunteer career at the House of Care. It is rare that an employee stays with one organization from Day 1. Beecham is a rare employee, still doing "everything that needs doing" at the facility 27 years later.

Give a laurel to Dr. David Ledbetter and Geisinger. Ledbetter, executive vice president and chief scientific officer at Geisinger Health System, co-authored a report revealing new information about autism. Autism keeps many of its victims confined to a mental prison for their entire lives. Danville should be proud to have a doctor and facility battling and winning on the front lines of that fight.

Give a lemon to the National Football League and its players. The lockout dragged on for about 130 days too many. The NFL is a business. Some business men make millions through TV deals and ticket sales. They pay other business men who put their freakish talents and lives on the line for a couple hours on Sundays. Each side should fight for what they think is fair, but threatening to miss all or part of a season America loves so much is a terrible way to run a business.

Give a laurel to the federal government for making Farm Service Agency loans available to farmers in Montour, Northumberland and surrounding counties. Danville battled a heat wave and ground-scorching dry spell recently, but it wasn't too long ago that the weather report resembled monsoon season. Farmers who had their efforts washed out April 25-28 should contact Montour County Commissioner Jerry Ward at the number posted on the county's website: (570) 284-4908.

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