By Francis Scarcella

The Daily Item

DANVILLE -- Call tonight's second Valley showing of a locally produced movie "Left/Right II."

If you missed the first screening of the award-winning film in December, grab one of the 432 seats inside the Campus Theatre in Lewisburg tonight.

Danville native Matt Wolfe, who wrote and produced the 93-minute movie, was informed the film would be back by popular demand.

"I'm glad that those who couldn't make it during the holidays will get another chance to see it," Wolfe said Thursday. "And I'm very thankful that Campus Theatre made it happen."

"Left/Right" is a comedy that follows a small-town man who has grown up to be somewhat of a big wig, but an audit reveals a false resume, which in turn causes the man to lose his job.

In an attempt fix the problems, the man returns home to find out that maybe a resume doesn't make the true worth of a man.

"A lot of the people that helped make this film happen are from Danville," Wolfe said. "We are excited to be home, and to sit and watch the movie with local people will be just great."

Among the Valley scenes in the movie are Pappas, Mulberry's, Studio Brick and the Danville High School gym, as well as Danville residents Sean MacKenna, John Bisordi, Joe Rogers and Van Wagner, Wolfe said.

"I am proud of this film, and I am happy to see so many want to come and see it," Wolfe said. "It is a great honor for the film to be playing in our home area."

Wolfe, who will not be in attendance tonight, made the trip from Arkansas last month to sit with Valley residents and watch the film.

"It was great being home," Wolfe said. "This is just so great to be bringing the movie back home because it was a long, drawn-out process, but we finally made it back here."

"Left/Right" will be shown at 7 p.m. Admission is $7.

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