Snydertown Mayor Henrietta Yarnell stands on a bridge over Farrow Run. She says flood waters from the stream have damaged numerous borough homes, including her own.

SNYDERTOWN -- Eighty-one-year-old Snydertown Mayor Henrietta Yarnell has fought for years to get local and state officials to clean up flood-prone Farrow Run. But though they've finally secured a grant, Yarnell says they're dragging their feet.

"It's wait, wait, wait, wait, wait," she said.

Yarnell said little has happened since the state issued the borough a $75,000 grant more than six months ago, leaving dozens of residents worrying the creek will flood again.

"When (Farrow Run) floods, there's a lot of damage," she said, noting that several years ago, flood waters knocked out her own well for five months.

Kevin Yeager, a Snydertown resident affected by flooding from Farrow Run, said residents are frustrated the creek hasn't been fixed.

"The Borough Council has been dragging its feet," he said. "This creek does a ton of damage to people's homes downstream."

Yeager said about 15 Snydertown homes, including his own, frequently are flooded.

But Snydertown zoning officer Ron Swank said the borough is waiting for state Department of Environmental Protection approval to move forward.

"We're waiting on the state to tell us what we can do," he said. "Now that the grant money is in, they told us we're not in an emergency situation anymore."

The state-issued $75,000 grant expires next summer, meaning the borough must make use of it soon. Swank said it "doesn't take much rain" to flood Farrow Run these days, as its banks have severely eroded over the years.

"If I lived on that stream and had the flooding in my basement, I'd be lynching someone," he said.

For her part, Yarnell doesn't care who's holding up the process. She just wants to see the stream repaired before it floods again.

"We pay our taxes," she said. "Why aren't they listening to us?"

Without her determination, Yeager said, Snydertown never would have landed the $75,000 grant in the first place.

"She never gave up on it," he said. "No one was listening to us, but she made it happen."

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