SELINSGROVE — Travis “T-Ravill” Wilt will celebrate his second album in early August with a release party at a new recording studio in Monroe Township.

For more than a year, Wilt, 28, has been working on the album that features 15 tracks with vocal engineer Al “Schy” Jones and he completed it in March just before Jones opened his recording studio, Sound Kapos, in a new location at 295 N. Susquehanna Trail.

“This guy is called ‘Magic Man’ for a reason,” Wilt said of Jones’ ability in the studio.

“I started making instrumental beats with a laptop and house speakers,” said Jones, who wants to provide a conveniently located and less expensive facility for artists to create music.

“We all share the same vision,” he said, of several artists who pay dues to keep the studio in business.

A release party for Wilt’s hip-hop alternative album, titled “Purple Face,” will be held at the studio on Aug. 6 and the album will be available for purchase on Aug. 10.

The album title refers to a birthmark on Wilt’s face which attracted ridicule from other kids when he was younger.

For Wilt, music has been a lifesaver that helped him through troubling times that included abuse, homelessness and addiction.

He’s traveled the country performing his original music and at area school assemblies where he shares positive messages through his songs.

“I’m not a counselor, but music has always been my therapy,” he said. “At the end of the day, my priority is to inspire and uplift.”

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