Jeep is reaching into loftier territory — both in terms of luxury and sheer size — with an all-new vehicle: Wagoneer.

While not the fastest horse in the paddock, the Lexus LC 500 takes the prize for an affordable exotic with the looks of a concept car and the rumble of a throaty V8. Its designer interior outshines world class cars costing hundreds of thousands more.

Lexus is known for its class-leading prestige, luxurious amenities and whisper quiet ride and not so much for its rip-roaring performance. While there are a lot of RCs on the road with V6 power, this big V8 has swagger.

This year’s Volvo XC90 comes with some driver choices ranging from base, sporty and luxurious trims, each wrapped in an attractive design with all-wheel-drive standard.

When early SUVs hit the road, they took it on the chin for having a truck like presence with ladder frames and a choppy ride. Many wore rounded fenders and stretch back front ends.

It’s easy to do a double take comparing previous Mitsubishi Outlanders to the 2022 model year. The completely redesigned compact SUV’s design is near elegant inside and out with sculpted sides and a vertical headlight scheme that is oddly charming.

Even though automakers are slashing sedan production in favor of SUV’s and crossovers, the few that remain are raising the bar with amenities fit for high-end sedans.

Fifty-five years later the Ford Bronco is back. While distancing the 1994 low-speed freeway chase of O. J. Simpson in Los Angeles – if that’s possible – the new Bronco Sport makes its splash as a rugged all-terrain vehicle with promise.

BMW has done something unique with its latest offering — a 4 Series Coupe that is getting a lot of talk in the automotive field. The new set of wheels is stunning because it lacks the twin kidney grille synonymous with Bavarian Motor Works and its German roots.

Earlier this year, we reviewed the new Kia K5 that replaced the well-known Optima. The name change also brings the Korean sedan in line with its global nameplate.

Acura has been on a roll lately as it overhauls its entire lineup to be more rewarding to drivers, including what the brand is calling its new flagship: the 2022 MDX.

Korean car maker Hyundai is moving the bar in both directions with their growing fleet. Several years back they introduced the Palisade – a three row SUV- and its sibling Kia Telluride, each taking market share from rivals.

Add Toyota’s reliability factor into three rows of seating and the result is a practical and roomy SUV with proven chops. The new Highlander is that and much more in a somewhat crowded mid-size SUV segment.

For Jeep enthusiasts, the new Gladiator has tacked on a powerful diesel engine for 2021 that makes off-roading well, an extreme measure that will knock your socks off. That’s not to say that its gasoline sibling does not measure up, it just lacks the grunt that diesel engines inherently offer.

If your order isn’t already in for the new Vette, as my uncle Tony would say “fuhgeddaboudit.” This year’s Vette is sold out and orders for the ’22 Vette begin in July so plan accordingly if you want this jet fighter.

What I expected from the new Ford F-150 was evolution, the latest iteration of subtle changes that make “all-new” more hyperbole than reality.

Hard to miss the MINI Cooper tooling down the road with swagger. It’s a fun little runabout that brings a smile to many while delighting its occupants with open air driving. We spent a week with the new convertible and while it has its drawbacks there’s more to like than dislike.

Subaru continues to live up to its safety plus standards in a fit and trim sedan that plays nicely with top rivals while adding gutsy turbo power that makes a big difference.

If you are looking for a near exotic set of wheels that costs tens of thousands less than a run of the mill Ferrari, and gets as many looks, then check out the reincarnated Supra. It’s a thrill to drive, has plenty of thrust and available engineering to keep you on the road or track wanting …

You will like the new Chevy Traverse if you enjoyed last year’s model. Unfortunately, a planned remake was moved to 2022 due to facility issues inherent with COVID-19 so the Traverse is mostly a carryover.

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