Robert Inglis/The Daily Item Lights illuminate the roof of BrightFarms in Selinsgrove on Tuesday evening.

SELINSGROVE — On some nights, warm orange glow blankets the Valley from the 263,000-square-foot BrightFarms facility at Pawling Station off Route 522.

The light is so intense sometimes that it penetrates the window shades on Beverley Conrad's home about one mile away and dims her view of the stars in the night sky.

"It's remarkably orange," she said.

BrightFarms CEO Steve Platt said the light will be muted now that large curtains have been installed around the newly opened hydroponic greenhouse where two million pounds of salad greens will be grown.

"We won't have light pollution. There will be no glow," he said.

The light isn't a bother for Sandy Gaskins and her daughter, Monica Faylor, who live directly across from the greenhouse.

"I don't need to leave a porch light on," laughed Gaskins.

"The first time they lit that place up it was amazing," added Faylor who said she's glad to see new business in the area.

"I knew there was an industrial park there when I moved in," she said.

Commissioner Joe Kantz said he's seen the lights at night from his home about four miles away, too, but hasn't heard any complaints.

"That's economic development," he said.

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