SUNBURY — A 2-year-old K-9 drug dog didn’t find any drugs in Shikellamy High School during a surprise drug sweep held Tuesday.

Shikellamy Police Chief Shawn Williams and Central Columbia Police officer Kevin Bradley coordinated with Shikellamy Superintendent Jason Bendle and Central Columbia School District Superintendent Jeffrey Groshek for the surprise sweep Tuesday, with Sully, the K-9 drug dog from the Central Columbia School District Police Department.

The school announced to students and staff at around 10 a.m. it would be in restrictive movement, which meant no one was allowed to leave their classrooms or walk the hallways.

Sully, along with Williams and Bradley then entered classrooms while the K-9 went to work.

About 20 minutes later, Sully, Williams and Bradley returned to the main office and reported the sweep was everything they hoped.

“We are happy to report no drugs were discovered,” Williams said after the search. “My career has always been about forging strong relationships because we all become better. By bringing in Sully it has made our school district safer for our students.”

Groshek agreed.

“We introduced Sully to several school districts and Shikellamy took us up on our offer to put Sully to work when they needed,” he said.

Groshek said since Sully was brought to his school district the K-9 has made an impact.

“Kids see Sully every day,” he said. “The biggest thing with the K-9 is the deterrent Sully causes because students know the dog is here.”

Bendle said he was thankful to Groshek and the Central Columbia School District.

“This is a great example of schools working together,” he said.

Sully was scheduled to visit other Valley schools Tuesday, Groshek said.

Williams said he and Bradley were both state troopers.

“I am pleased to continue to work together,” Williams said. “I will continue to seek out opportunities to make our district safer.”

Bradley agreed.

“We are always happy to help out other districts,” he said.

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