What if a mail-in voter changes their mind and wishes to cast a ballot in person? They can do so.

In such a scenario, the voter must bring their entire ballot mailings with them to their exact in-person polling station — ballot, instructions and all envelopes.

Poll workers will require the voter to sign a declaration that they wished to vote at the precinct. Their mail-in ballot will be voided and they’ll be permitted to use a voting machine. But, there’s a catch. Voters who have a change of heart after returning their completed ballot to the elections office should stay home.

“If you mailed your ballot back to (county elections) and it’s received, please don’t show up at the polls,” Kim Zerbe, Union County Elections and Voter Registration employee, said.

Northumberland County Board of Elections Chief Registar Nathan Savidge said the office has seen an increase in requests to cancel their mail in voting requests. They have had approximately 60 requests to cancel so far.

“If a voter gets a mail in ballot and do not want to use it, they must turn it over at their polling place,” said Savidge. “It will be considered a spoiled ballot and they must sign an affidavit. They then will be allowed to vote in person on the machine.”

Northumberland County is projecting 10,000 to 13,000 mail in ballots by the election, Savidge said.

Voters are “confused and inundated” with advertisements and mailers and have been filling out multiple requests for mail in ballots. Savidge said they will only get one, but each application must be processed.

Snyder County has so far received 3,841 mail-in and absentee ballots and 45 people have asked to cancel their absentee and mail-in ballots, County Elections Director Debbi Bilger has referred them to the website, votespa.com, where they can cancel the ballots.

Otherwise, voters who have received a mail-in or absentee ballot and don’t want to use them may show up at the polls on election day with the unused ballots and speak with the judge of elections about voting in person, she said.

An affidavit will have to be filled out by the voter.

Daily Item reporters Marcia Moore and Justin Strawser contributed to this story.

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