About $2,890 for yard signs, $248 for promotional pencils, $3,110 for dinner at Front Street Station.

Winning a county election: priceless.

County commissioner candidates from Union, Snyder, Northumberland and Montour counties are in campaign spending full swing, throwing money at television, radio and print advertising in an effort to gather votes.

But who's spending the most?

Pound for pound, the most expensive commissioners' race this year is taking place in Northumberland County, where Democrats Vinny Clausi and Frank Sawicki and Republicans Sam Deitrick and Kurt Masser have spent more than $92,000 in combined campaign funding for the Nov. 6 municipal election.

The breakdown skews toward Mr. Clausi, who has spent $42,833 of his own money, including $21,000 in newspaper and radio ads, according to documents filed with Northumberland County.

Mr. Deitrick and Mr. Masser's combined campaign fund -- Deitrick and Masser for Northumberland County Commissioners -- has spent $41,890, $23,665 of which came from contributions.

A few of the more interesting purchases: $3,110 for catering at The Front Street Station in Northumberland, $3,340 for billboards and $789 for a day at Knoebels amusement park.

Second place belongs to Snyder County, where commissioner candidates have spent more than $23,000 in combined campaign money.

The Committee For A Better Snyder County, which funds Republican commissioner hopefuls Joe Kantz and Malcolm Derk, has ponied up just over $11,000 for advertising. Meanwhile, Democrat Greg Shambach has spent $8,355 and fellow Democrat Richard Bickhart has used up $4,457 in campaign funds.

Union and Montour counties represent a steep drop-off in spending from their area counterparts. The three Union County commissioner candidates spent a combined $2,880, with Republican Preston Boop comprising the lion's share, at $2,380. According to Union County records, Democrat John Showers didn't spend a dime in advertising. There was little urgency for any of the candidates, however, as they're all running unopposed.

In Montour County, commissioner candidates spent a combined $2,257. Republican Pat Donato reported spending $805, including $486 for business cards; Democrat Trevor Finn reported spending $776; Democrat Jack Gerst reported spending $556; and Democrat Jerry Ward reported spending $130.

A heated district attorney's race

Union County District Attorney Peter Johnson spent $23,620 to help retain his seat, including $12,250 of his own money.

Here's a snapshot of how he used his money: $2,889 for yard signs, $1,970 for billboards, $6,000 for television advertising.

His challenger, Andrew Lyons, wasn't terribly far behind, spending $15,224 on his own campaign, including $1,886 on yard signs and $434 on promotional key chains.

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