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Douglas J. Wessels, the director of public affairs and accountability for PA Virtual Cyber School, with 2,300 students, said all cyber schools are required by the state to enroll any student who chooses to enroll as long as a spot in class is available. There are no acceptance criteria, he said.

Each cyber charter school has their own application form that must be completed that requires names, dates of birth, any special education concerns, mailing address, home district and other pieces of personal information. Parents must have proof of age, such as a birth certificate, proof of residence and proof of immunizations, said Wessels.

An enrollment notification form must be filled out that will allow the home district to be informed that the students will be attending cyber school, he said.

The cyber charter school seeks release of academic records from the home district, he said.

Once the parents provide the information and the records are obtained from the district, the cyber school places the child, he said.

The only challenging part is obtaining records because sometimes parents aren’t sure where to find those records, so the school helps guide them to where they can be found, he said.

A recent challenge has been a delay in obtaining records from the district due to COVID-19, but the state has allowed for some flexibility due to the circumstances, said Wessels.

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