MILLMONT — An unknown man, dressed all in black complete with gloves and a ski mask, got a surprise Friday when he attempted to enter a Millmont home: a woman with a shotgun at the back door.

The man fled, and state police at Milton are asking the public to provide any information they may have on the perpetrator or the incident, which happened at 8 a.m. in Lewis Township, Union County.

Police said the would-be burglar opened the back door and was met by the homeowner’s 19-year-old daughter, standing there with the shotgun.

“Thank God she had enough sense to get the gun,” said the homeowner, who asked not to be identified. The shotgun the young woman grabbed belongs to her boyfriend.

The residents of the home don’t know who the would-be burglar is but speculate it may have been a drug-related crime given the number of burglaries and attempts of late in surrounding areas.

The homeowner also believes the burglar may have cased the home before attempting to enter, thinking no one would be there.

However, the daughter was there, alone and in a front room, when she heard a noise, the homeowner said.

“She dismissed it first, then she heard the dogs outside go nuts and heard the noise again,” the homeowner said. “She went to the bedroom, got the gun, then went through the kitchen,” where she ended up at the bottom of some steps at the back door.

“The burglar saw her holding the gun and took off,” the homeowner said, adding the daughter did not think the man was armed himself.

Not sure of what to do, the family called 911 several hours later. State police then reported to the scene.

The daughter was shaking from fright but otherwise not hurt, the homeowner said. The shotgun was not loaded.

The homeowner is still shocked at what happened: “We’ve lived here 27 years and never had a problem.”

State police ask anyone with information to call the Milton barracks at (570) 524-2662.

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