Robert Inglis/The Daily Item East Buffalo Township supervisors will revisit changing the name of Christy Mathewson Drive at its October meeting on Monday.

A proposed change to the name of Christy Mathewson Drive on the campus of Bucknell University will be revisited Monday when East Buffalo Township Supervisors meet for the board’s October meeting.

Bucknell proposes to change the street name to Pascucci Drive to honor alumnus Michael Pascucci who pledged more than $40 million to the university — the largest one-time commitment Bucknell ever received.

The road is privately owned and maintained by the university. The Mathewson name isn’t coming off Christy Mathewson–Memorial Stadium or the Christy Mathewson Gates.

Mathewson counts among the university’s most distinguished alumni. He’s a member of the inaugural class of the Baseball Hall of Fame, his career honored alongside Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Walter Johnson and Honus Wagner.

The Union County GIS Department reviewed township ordinance on road names and in a letter to the board of supervisors, recommended the name change. Upon approval, county maps would be updated to reflect the change for Central Susquehanna Regional 911.

A vote on the change failed in September. The three-person Board of Supervisors cast a 1-1-1 vote on the matter with board Chair Char Gray opposed, Matt Schumacher in favor and Jim Knight, a university employee, abstaining.

“There’s got to be another street somewhere on Bucknell’s campus they can rename besides that one,” Gray said Friday.

However, the failed resolution returns to the board’s agenda for its meeting Monday.

Citing the ordinance in place, township Solicitor Pete Matson said his interpretation is that the name change be approved. It is tricky, he said, since the ordinance typically applies to private roads that are unnamed. That’s not the case with Christy Mathewson Drive.

“I would feel more comfortable if the township adopted the resolution,” Matson said.

Of Pascucci’s pledge to Bucknell, $30 million will support an unrestricted, need-based financial aid endowment through the Pascucci Family Scholarship. More than $10 million will enable improvements in and around Christy Mathewson–Memorial Stadium, according to the university.

The stadium and the Mathewson Gates will be included within the newly established the Pascucci Family Athletics Complex.

The complex will see the construction of a new team facility, the Michael C. Pascucci Team Center, along with a turf practice field to be used for training and practice space for eight men’s and women’s teams. The practice field also will be available for recreational use, according to the university.

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