Black Marble’s Lena Yeagle and Alex Callenberger are releasing a new album.

WILLIAMSPORT — The electronic-folk group Black Marble will appear Friday at the Bullfrog Brewery, 229 W. Fourth St., Williamsport, to celebrate the release of their new CD, “The Devil’s Canning Party.” Music starts at 10 p.m.

There will be no cover charge.

The group features Alex Callenberger (vocals, guitars, bass, bow, chime harp, synthesizers) and Lena Yeagle (vocals, violin, synthesizer). They will be joined by Andy Seal (bass, effects) and Grammy-Award winning drummer/percussionist Steve Mitchell.

Black Marble’s sound has been described as “ambient and melodic, but with volatile dynamics, from walls of overdriven guitar to enchanting medieval signatures to soaring soprano voices.” Musician/singer-songwriter Johnny J. Blair aired cuts from the new CD on his radio program. He said, “Black Marble makes these future-primitive soundscapes for little films that play on a screen in your mind, like when I listen to Bill Frisell or Dead Can Dance. For me, it harkens back to the stormy side of surf guitar music and the psychedelic netherworld of early Pink Floyd, Velvet Underground, and brooding folk singers from that same era.”

Callenberger describes the new project as “a collection of old songs, new songs and moments in time that could never be forgotten. I am proud of this album. It took a good amount of head scratching and patience to overcome the walls that were set upon me. It was recorded in my home with all the noises, clicks, chirps, meows and other various sounds that I live with. I have a very simple eight-track recorder that allows only a few tricks of the modern trade, which I am very happy to attack and manipulate in ways that take effort, rather than the click of a mouse.”

The album was mixed at Mind’s Eye Studio and mastered by Tim Breon (Davy Jones, John Jolin). Val LaCerra (Key of V) added vocals to the title track.

Callenberger added, “Lena, my partner in crime, lends herself to many instruments on the album as well as dark grunts, giggles and melodies. My rhythm giant, ‘The Quaker’ Steve Mitchell, filled in the gaps that were needed. His presence alone gives the music a color I have always dreamed of. Steve is music, breath and all, a musical library, a musical genius.

“My favorite musical companion on the album is my bird, Pahalo, a musical monster. Her voice is found in the light and dreamy areas where she felt she needed to be heard.”

Alternate mixes and outtake from the project will be posted on Black Marble’s website at

For more information phone 326-4700.

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