Runaway Stroller (Johanna Kodlick and Anthony Latt) will roll to Vic’s Pub in Lewisburg for the opening of the outdoor entertainment tent.

LEWISBURG -- Runaway Stroller rolls under the outdoor “big top” at Vic’s Pub Friday to kick off the beginning of (we hope) warmer weather. The music will be a rocking and a rolling along, enough to get your feet stomping and your head spinning faster than a runaway tire rolling down a mountain.

“The show at Vic’s will be a lot of fun and a good time after our long cold winter,” Johanna Kodlick, half of the musical act that started nearly 10 years ago.

“We’ll be playing a mix of blues and Americana covers and a selection of original tunes that go beyond making some noise. The songs are like snapshots into our history — mistakes, dreams accomplished, loves and how music has changed their lives,” she said.

Originally from the region, Kodlick lived in New York City performing at bars and restaurants and other gigs as they became available. It was in New York where her talents became polished and where she met Anthony Latt while singing at a crowded restaurant. In time the duo became closer with their harmonies and their personal happiness.

“New York City is a wonderful place, but it wears you out. Besides the crowds and high prices, for a musician it’s really difficult to make a go of it,” said Kodlick. “Although there might be a huge number of places to play, there are also a huge number of people trying for the job. Here in Central Pennsylvania, there are so many places to perform and have a great crowd come out and see what’s going on.’’

The duo will perform a mixture of covers and original tunes particularly selected for Vic’s. 

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